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Soft and Colorful Bags for a trendy style, and well-being of the planet. This is Italian Eco-Fashion under the name of Tu&Tu. Bags and other accessories made ​​in Italy, made ​​with microfiber ecological Dinamica by Miko.

Tu&Tu “100% Made in Italy” Company of the week

The microfiber in question derives from recycled PET bottles. In a meter of fabric Dinamica there are approximately 300 grams of polyester recovered, material correspondent to that used for the production of 20 plastic bottles.

Diamond Bag

Diamond Bag

TU&TU is a contemporary eco-fashion lifestyle brand, 100 % made in Italy, which operates with full respect for the eco-system, people and other living creatures.

Abito a fiori con cintura in bamboo

Bamboo Plissè

TU&TU selects fabrics with low environmental impact (carbon footprint, energy use and water footprint), such as certified oganic textiles and yarns, eco-sustainable and recycled materials.

TU&TU stands outside the fast-fashion concept and upholds a people-centered philosophy, in which the individual is not a passive consumer but a person with a vision whose choices generate changes and new values.

TU&TU encourages ethical consumption by offering high-quality stylish yet durable garments, that can take a lot of wear and tear before eventually being recycled once more.

TU&TU is envisioned and produced entirely in Italy, where every step of the process is supervised to defend workers from both exploitation and involvement in any procedure that might be potentially hazardous for their health.

TU&TU is animal-friendly and does not use any material that has necessitated their sacrifice or maltreatment of any kind.

TU&TU has adopted a “zero waste” production policy, and its head offices are located in a solar-powered building.

TU&TU social ethic has introduced us to collaborate with the Lister Dressmaking Social Cooperative established within the Mental Health Department of the Psychiatric Hospital, Trieste.

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Lime reversible trench-coat

Lime reversible trench-coat

Borsette morbide e colorate per uno stile alla moda e attento al benessere del pianeta. Si tratta dell’ecofashion made in Italy con il marchio Tu&Tu. Borsette e tanti altri accessori made in Italy fatti con microfibra ecologica Dinamica by Miko.

La microfibra in questione deriva da bottiglie di PET riciclate. In un metro di tessuto Dinamica ci sono circa 300 grammi di poliestere recuperato, materiale corrispondete a quello utilizzato per la produzione di 20 bottiglie di plastica.

TU&TU e’ una linea di abbigliamento che opera nel più completo rispetto verso l’ecosistema, gli uomini e gli altri esseri viventi, selezionando materiali che hanno causato il minimo impatto sull’ambiente: tessuti biologici certificati, eco-sostenibili e riciclati. TU&TU rispetta gli animali e non utilizza materiali che abbiano comportato la loro uccisione o sfruttamento.

TU&TU e’ una linea di abbigliamento 100% made in Italy. Le collezioni TU&TU sono ideate e realizzate in Italia, per controllare da vicino tutte le fasi del processo produttivo e garantire il rispetto delle condizioni di sicurezza e salute dei lavoratori.

Jeans Coat

Jeans Coat

TU&TU si pone al di fuori del fast-fashion in favore di una visione incentrata sull’individuo, che con le sue scelte crea cambiamenti e costruisce valori. Per sostenere un consumo responsabile, TU&TU offre capi di valore, qualita’ e stile, destinati a durare e a essere vestiti a lungo per poi essere ancora riciclati.

L’attenzione verso il sociale di TU&TU ha condotto alla collaborazione con Cooperativa Lister Sartoria Sociale, che ha sede all’interno del Dipartimento di Salute mentale di Trieste.

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HyQ: the automatic anti-disaster that looks like a dog

In the features reminds BigDog, the terrible robot developed by BostonDynamics, and the noise produced by her step sounds similar. Different, though,it looks harmless and nationality, which is not American but Italian. He, in fact, is called HyQ (Hydraulic Quadruped) and is the brainchild of the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa (IIT). Great meter, 70 kg in weight and made of aluminum, the robot is able to run, jump, push up on his hind legs, overcome obstacles and move at the speed of two meters per second, balancing and adjusting the movement also in case of rough terrain. In the future, and development has been completed (it will be also equipped with arms), will serve to support and assist us humans in dangerous situations and environments, like buildings about to collapse or explosion risk, and areas contaminated by radiation and chemicals.


Robot HyQ

Robot HyQ


L’automa anti-catastrofi che assomiglia a un cane

Nelle fattezze ricorda BigDog, il terrificante robot sviluppato da Boston Dynamics, e anche il rumore prodotto dal suo passo suona simile. Di diverso, però, ha l’aspetto innocuo e la nazionalità, che non è statunitense bensì italiana. Lui, infatti, si chiama HyQ (Hydraulic Quadruped) ed è il frutto del lavoro dell’Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia di Genova (IIT). Grande un metro, 70 kg di peso e realizzato in alluminio, il robot è in di grado correre, saltare, sollevarsi sulle zampe posteriori, superare gli ostacoli e spostarsi alla velocità di due metri al secondo, mantenendo l’equilibrio e adeguando il movimento anche in caso di terreni dissestati. In futuro e a sviluppo ultimato (sarà dotato anche di braccia), servirà a supportare e soccorrere noi umani in situazioni e ambienti pericolosi, come edifici sul punto di crollare o a rischio esplosione, e ambienti contaminati da radiazioni e sostanze chimiche.



El ajuste automático anti-desastre que se parece a un perro

En las características recuerda a BigDog, el robot desarrollado terrible por Boston Dynamics, y el ruido producido por su paso suena similar. Diferente, sin embargo, parece inofensivo y nacionalidad, que no es estadounidense, pero el italiano. Él, de hecho, se llama HyQ (hidráulica cuadrúpedo) y es la creación del Instituto Italiano de Tecnología en Génova (IIT). Gran metros, 70 kg de peso yhecho de aluminio, el robot es capaz de correr, saltar, empujar hacia arribasobre sus patas traseras, superar los obstáculos y moverse a la velocidad de dos metros por segundo, equilibrar y ajustar el movimiento también en caso deterreno accidentado. En el futuro, y el desarrollo se ha completado (que también será equipado con armas), servirá para apoyar y ayudar a nosotros los seres humanos en situaciones peligrosas y entornos, como edificios a punto decolapso o riesgo de explosión, y las zonas contaminadas por la radiación y los productos químicos.




superconductor breakthrough from Italian scientists

Great discovery in the semiconductor industry, Italian researchers have found out how to transport electricity from photovoltaic panels to around the world without loss of energy along the path. The journal Science recently published work, saying that the process can lead to superconductivity at room temperature. Scientists say the discovery is the key to optimize the transport of power over long distances. For example, you can bring electricity from a solar power station in the Sahara desert to consumers in Latin America.

photovoltaic panels

photovoltaic panels

The research team is led by Stefano Dal Conte of Sacred Heart Catholic University of Brescia, in collaboration with the laboratories of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (I.N.F.M.) in Trieste.

The discovery could revolutionize the transport of electricity.



Master hatmaker in Milan: Lorenzo Borghi

In Italy many artisans have become unique in the world thanks to their work, style and passion. This is the case of the master hatmaker Lorenzo Borghi.

In a narrow street hidden in a labyrinth of picturesque alleys behind the Duomo, the landmark cathedral in the centre of Milan. It seems an unlikely location for a modest shop that welcomes clients from all over the world. There is nothing more than a single display window with a handful of striking hats and a small sign to mark the entrance.

Hat with spilla

Hat with spilla

Inside his shop the master hatmaker Lorenzo Borghi has been working for nearly 60 years, creating elegant hats for clients ranging from well-heeled Milanese women to international royalty, including the British monarch Queen Elizabeth II who received one of his hats a decade ago.

Borghi was born into a poor family in wartime Milan in 1940. Desperate for a job, the young man lied about his age to secure a spot in the hat maker’s shop. When the owner learned the truth, Borghi had proven his worth in the atelier. The young Borghi had creative flair and a knack for selecting the right materials. A quick learner, he was also humble enough to keep a close eye on his employer, picking up whatever tricks of the trade he could. He moved past the more traditional styles embraced by his master and began adding details in silk, organza and stiffened lace that exploded in a burst of color.

After more than half a century of hat making, Borghi still believes the creation he loves the most is the hat he “hasn’t made yet”.


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