The new chocolate of Amedei – Blanco de Criollo


Blanco De Criollo Chocolate Bar, extra dark chocolate bar at 70% – Amedei

Blanco de Criollo the new Amedei chocolate. The company of Pontedera, which did stock up on awards at the London Academy of Chocolate Awards (the world’s foremost authority made ​​of chocolate) produces handmade chocolate through a production process that begins at the plantation in collaboration with farmers, who in the Caribbean and South American cocoa-growing, and the selection of plants and seeds for processing.
Blanco de Criollo is sold after two years of work and collaboration between Amedei and some Peruvian farmers from the area of Piura (north-west of Peru) whose crops produce seeds with high quality Criollo (high quality cocoa widespread in ‘Central and South America) 80% characterized by a bright white color inside the seed.
The chocolate made with this cocoa is a dark chocolate 70% and consists of a merger (“blend”) of rare Peruvian cacao with a scent of wild berries and wild mushrooms alternating with hints of prune, toasted almonds and liquorice, a hint , the latter which extends the aroma.
Chocolate Blanco de Criollo in the tablets is available on ItaliaWorldWide (The Web Store of Made in Italy Goods) 50 gram limited edition since its recipe and research are still evolving.

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