The boundary between the fairytale and fable, between the dreamlike and ghostly – Luana Celli

The boundary between reality and the dream is represented by favolismo Luana Celli, a researcher in atmospheres unknown, magical and improbable, as if they were taken directly from the world of ideas and would return to the surface to make us dream with open eyes.

Its implementation methods are high and show a depth of soul like no other.

The chromatic harmony affiliated technical ability in getting the form, gives the artist a skill and a unique expertise.

In other words, the objective fact transposes into something else, in another place at the boundary between the fairytale and fable, between the dreamlike and ghostly.

Elements that must surely stimulate it to go on, so give us dreams.


Suspended within a dream

Art is like a sky where each star has its place.

The stars are many, but when we look at some appear more vivid, more like our mood, our expectations.

Luana Celli creates shapes and creatures, through a dialogue that never stops, between the hand that performs the stretch and his inner strength is enhanced by the fusion of many feelings and emotions to be redesigned, but only apparently conflicting authentic.

The painting of Luana Celli, can not be cataloged, placed in a school of thought and even his style can be compared to that of other artists.

His way of painting is original and does not follow mathematical rules but derives from his interior and the ability to trace, with emotional simplicity, every trait that, if by magic comes alive, takes shape and speak to the viewer to see.

Luana Celli love beauty and impresses on his canvases with the genuine force of the Arts who lives actively, with the mind and the heart.


Here, where the sea sparkles

Luana Celli lived and worked for years near Rome. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and was a student of Maestro Giulio Turcato. He has participated in important exhibitions Italian gaining more success with critics and audiences. Winner of numerous awards, exhibited in the famous historical exhibition “ONE HUNDRED ARTISTS VIA MARGUTTA.”

Between reality and illusion

L’ABBRACCIO – Master Innovator Gaetano Pesce’s First, Solo, New York Exhibition in 25 Years

New York – Visionary architect, designer and artist Gaetano Pesce will have his first solo, New York exhibition in 25 years at Fred Torres Collaborations from March 21-May 25, 2013. The show focuses on issues of love and empathy, be it for ourselves, each other or the world, that have been important themes in Pesce’s work. L’ABBRACCIO, (The Hug) the name of the exhibition, refers to a cabinet designed by Pesce in 2009 of two people locked in an embrace. In addition to its “namesake” cabinet, the exhibition will feature some of Pesce’s rarely seen drawings, maquettes, lighting and furniture from the 1970s. An opening reception will take place on Thursday, March 21 from 6-8 pm.

Since the 1960s, Gaetano Pesce has been challenging the dogma of traditional aesthetics by embracing an art, architecture and design of expressiveness that is a commentary on reality, color, new materials, figurative representation and political commitment. His poetic imagination and his continued use of humor and irony to attack the standardization of the mass-produced object and architecture, sets him apart from all other designers and architects. Pesce continually exploits the technical qualities of materials such as resins, polyurethanes and silicones in order to create objects and projects that have a point of view and make a strong artistic statement…

The Hug – Gaetano Pesce


Continue the enrollments for the 7th edition of the International Art Prize Arte Laguna for artists from around the world. The award, regardless of age and free subject, is divided into 5 sections:

painting, sculpture and installations, photographic art, video art and performance, virtual art.
The total budget is € 170,000. The competition involves the award of cash prizes and many other opportunities for artists: art residencies, solo and group exhibitions in galleries, participation in international festivals and publishing the catalog.

Registration deadline: November 8, 2012 (October 23, 2012 to participate also in the homes of art)

Continuer les entrées pour la 7e édition de l’International Art Prize Arte Laguna pour les artistes du monde entier. Le prix, indépendamment de l’âge et sujet libre, est divisé en 5 sections:

peinture, sculpture, installations, art photographique, l’art vidéo et la performance, l’art virtuel.
Le budget total est de 170.000 €. Le concours implique l’attribution de prix en espèces et de nombreuses autres possibilités pour les artistes: résidences artistiques, des expositions solo et de groupe dans les galeries, la participation à des festivals internationaux et la publication du catalogue.

Date limite d’inscription: 8 Novembre 2012 (23 Octobre 2012 au participera aussi dans les maisons d’art)

Seguir las entradas para la 7 ª edición del Premio Internacional Arte Laguna para artistas de todo el mundo. El premio, independientemente de la edad y tema libre, está dividido en 5 secciones:

la pintura, la escultura y la instalación, el arte fotográfico, video arte y performance, arte virtual.
El presupuesto total es de € 170.000. El concurso consiste en la adjudicación de los premios en efectivo y muchas otras oportunidades para los artistas: residencias artísticas, exposiciones individuales y colectivas en galerías, la participación en festivales internacionales y la publicación del catálogo.

Fecha límite de inscripción: 08 de noviembre 2012 (23 de octubre de 2012 al participar también en las casas de arte)

Продолжить заявок на участие в 7-е издание Международной Art Prize Arte Laguna для художников со всего мира. Эта награда, независимо от возраста и свободную тему, разделен на 5 секций:

живопись, скульптура и инсталляции, фотографическое искусство, видео-арт и производительность виртуального искусства.
Общий бюджет составляет € 170,000.Конкурс включает в награду денежные призы и многие другие возможности для художников: арт-резиденций, персональных и групповых выставках в галереях, участие в международных фестивалях и издание каталога.

Срок подачи заявок: 8 ноября 2012 г. (23 октября 2012 также принять участие в домах искусстве)

Continuano le iscrizioni per la 7° edizione del Premio Internazionale Arte Laguna per gli artisti di tutto il mondo. Il Premio, senza limiti d’età e a soggetto libero,è suddiviso in 5 sezioni:

pittura, scultura e installazioni, arte fotografica, video arte e performance, arte virtuale.
La dotazione totale è di 170.000 €. Il concorso prevede l’attribuzione di premi in denaro e molte altre opportunità per gli artisti: residenze d’arte, mostre personali e collettive nelle gallerie, partecipazione a festival internazionali e pubblicazione sul catalogo.


Chiusura iscrizioni: 8 Novembre 2012 (23 Ottobre 2012 per partecipare anche alle residenze d’arte)

Mostra Collettiva di 110 opere finaliste : Marzo 2013 – Arsenale di Venezia
Mostra Under25:
Marzo 2013 – Istituto Romeno di Venezia

5 premi in denaro: 7.000 € per sezione
4 Residenze d’arte: Technymon ARTresidency – Mumbai, Scuola del Vetro Abate Zanetti – Venezia, Art Stays – Slovenia, iaab – Basilea;
1 Business for Art: realizzazione d’un progetto artistico con l’artista vincitore della sezione arte virtuale in collaborazione con FOPE gioielli di Vicenza;
2 Mostre Collettive: partecipazione a Open a Venezia(Esposizione internazionale di sculture e installazioni a Venezia); mostra selezione speciale degli artisti Under25 presso l’Istituto Rumeno di Cultura e Ricerca Umanistica di Venezia
21 Mostre personali: Akneos Gallery, Amy-d arte spazio, Cell63, Dafna Home Gallery, De Faveri Arte + Lab 610 XL, Dina Lowenstein, Galleria A+A, Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter, Galleria d’Arte l’Occhio, Galleria Federica Ghizzoni, Galleria Gagliardi, Galleria PrimoPiano, Giudecca 795 Art Gallery, Largo Baracche, Leo Galleries, Maelstrom Art Gallery, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Silbernagl&Undergallery, Spazio Surreale, Yvonneartecontemporanea, Zaion Gallery

Curatore del Premio : Igor Zanti (Italia, Critico d’arte)
Giurati : Umberto Angelini (Italia, Direttore Festival Uovo)
Gabriella Belli (Italia, Direttrice Musei Civici di Venezia)
Adam Budak (Stati Uniti, Curatore Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden di Washington)
Cecilia Freschini (Cina, Curatrice indipendente; fondatrice e direttrice di Lab-Yit | the Italian Contemporary Art Platform in China)
Mario Gerosa (Italia, Caporedattore di AD, curatore digital art)
Lina Lazaar (Gran Bretagna, Specialista per l’Arte Contemporanea internazionale per Sotheby’s)
Kanchi Mehta (India, Fondatrice e Curatore capo di Chamelon Art Projects & Editor India per Flash Art)
Sabine Schaschl (Svizzera, Direttrice e curatrice della Kunsthaus di Basilea)
Felix Schöber (Germania, Curatore indipendente)
Claudia Zanfi (Italia, Storica dell’arte e cultural manager)

Link al bando:
Link all’iscrizione online:
Link Facebook :



Staff di Arte Laguna

ITALIAN ART invades Mumbai

Italian art is synonymous the world over with names such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael. While Italian artists of the last few decades have received some exposure around the world and especially in Europe, their work continues to be relatively unknown in India. “Made in Italy”, a group show at Sakshi Gallery, Colaba, attempts to change that and introduce to India three Italian artists of three different generations.

The title may lead one to believe that the emphasis of the show lies on Italy as a geographical location, but that is exactly what it is not. “Made in Italy doesn’t underline the artists’ geographical origins, but recalls that sense of universality essential in the language of images,” says Caterina Corni, the show’s curator.

"The Happening Beyond the Time" by Antonella Aprile

“The Happening Beyond the Time” by Antonella Aprile

A group show for all practical purposes, the manner of arrangement of the works goes a long way in introducing three artists relatively unknown to the city’s art fraternity. “I wanted to use the rooms to create three separate solo shows and the hall to create one group show,” says Corni, of her arrangement. As one enters the gallery and walks into the hall, one is greeted by a view of three very different styles of painting. On the wall facing the viewer — divided into two by a doorway leading into a room — are works by Antonella Aprile and Azelio Corni, on either side of the doorway. Clearly visible through this doorway is one by Giovanni Frangi. The rest of the walls in the hall display works by all three artists, in no particular order.

A very well-known artist in Italy, this show brings Frangi’s work to India for the first time. In all his work, the underlying theme is nature. It is, however, a greatly abstract representation of nature. Contrary to what we have grown to expect, there isn’t a hint of green in any of the large-scale paintings. “Frangi likes to work mostly with black on white canvas and white on black,” Corni says.

In the room on the left is a video-animation with an Indian connection. Created by Aprile, the youngest artist in the show, The Happening Beyond the Time shows Lord Shiva performing the Tandava whilst telling viewers about the quantum theory. Interestingly, this is something Aprile has been working on for a few years and was not created especially for this show. By it, however, the 33-year-old artist does attempt to “create a connection between the East and the West — Italy and India”.

The only artist of the three to have previously showcased his work in India — in 2005 in Mumbai — the primary concern in Corni’s work is the exploration of the various mediums he uses as opposed to the subject. Having started out working on paper, canvas and plastic sheets, he has also worked with wood, metal and even artistically recreated a regular sari. This specific artwork was received with much interest in Italy and was sold soon after it was first displayed. For this show, however, the 64-year-old artist has created a series of works on felt, using primarily black and bottle green colours, barring one that is strikingly red.


What is mosaic? and what is not? Luca Barberini knows them well


vento caldo

Vento Caldo by Luca Barberini – Flickr



Folla by Luca Barberini – Flickr


Colombe by Luca Barberini – Flickr

Copy of the famous mosaic of doves drinking. Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, V sec. Ravenna

feudi di s.gregorio

feudi di s.gregorio by Luca Barberini – Flickr 

logo of the famous wine FEUDI DI SAN GREGORIO

Verdiano Marzi's mosaic

Verdiano Marzi’s mosaic by ari kokomosaico – Flickr

motoMoto by ari kokomosaico – Flickr

Luca works out of his own studio in Ravenna called Koko Mosaico.


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