The Best Espresso ?, here is the tools of the trade

With these tips in our pocket, we’re about ready to go. First, let’s get our gear together:

GRINDER: Consistently tasty espresso starts with consistently ground coffee. To get the most out of your beans, choose a “burr” (not a “blade”) grinder that can grind finely with many steps of adjustment.

Fred grinder PL044MMT with conical mills in automatic dosing

MACHINE: Our favorite espresso machines sport solid components, stable temperatures, and a sensible interface. If you’re in the market for a new machine, you can rest assured that every model on our website meets these criteria.

La Grande Bellezza LGB Coffee espresso machine

FILTER: Your espresso machine may have arrived with a few options. For starters, grab a two-spouted or bottomless portafilter and insert a double basket – that’ll most likely be the largest of the baskets you received.

TAMPER: For a secure “coffee puck” and even extraction, pick a tamper that fits your portafilter basket snugly. Most baskets have a diameter of 58 millimeters.

Tamper Steel and Wood

SCALE: With a gram scale, you’ll be better equipped to monitor parameters, produce consistent results, and diagnose problems. We favor those with low resolutions, reading in 0.1- to 1-gram increments, and recommend that you weigh both dose and yield.

VESSEL: Something to catch that liquid gold. A volumetric shot glass can help you keep track of how much espresso you’re pulling, especially if you don’t have a scale handy.

From today your scraps become precious resources

Every kind of food has its own particularity that makes it unique and precious. So, the rule is simple: don’t throw anything away! That’s why it is necessary to know how and be able to store correctly. This has been understood ever since ancient times, with the development over the years of systems for preserving food as long as possible.

Takaje - The revolutionary vaccum system

Takaje – The revolutionary vaccum system – Made in Italy

Takaje is the revolutionary, unique, attractive and functional vacuum system that can keep the forms and tastes of all food unaltered, in any container, combining food safety with saving. Yes, because Takaje does not merely lengthen the time of food storage: owing to a patented system, it offers the possibility to re-use any glass container, turning it into a vacuum container, thus giving it a key added value.

Takaje - The revolutionary vaccum system - Made in Italy

Takaje – The revolutionary vaccum system – Made in Italy

Takaje lengthens the life cycle of the container used, lowers the flow of waste re-using an already used container and reduces the consumption of raw materials for the production of a new products.

Takaje - The revolutionary vaccum system - Made in Italy

Takaje – The revolutionary vaccum system – Made in Italy

Takaje, which in Piedmontese dialect means “it’s the right one, we’ve succeeded….”, is a versatile and functional product 100% Made in Italy, an ethical 0 km design concept to protect and guarantee the excellent Italian artisan and industrial productions.

Buy Takaje on

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Innovation in Eco-Fashion Made in Italy: Tu&Tu in ItaliaWorldWide Web Italy Store

Soft and Colorful Bags for a trendy style, and well-being of the planet. This is Italian Eco-Fashion under the name of Tu&Tu. Bags and other accessories made ​​in Italy, made ​​with microfiber ecological Dinamica by Miko.

Tu&Tu “100% Made in Italy” Company of the week

The microfiber in question derives from recycled PET bottles. In a meter of fabric Dinamica there are approximately 300 grams of polyester recovered, material correspondent to that used for the production of 20 plastic bottles.

Diamond Bag

Diamond Bag

TU&TU is a contemporary eco-fashion lifestyle brand, 100 % made in Italy, which operates with full respect for the eco-system, people and other living creatures.

Abito a fiori con cintura in bamboo

Bamboo Plissè

TU&TU selects fabrics with low environmental impact (carbon footprint, energy use and water footprint), such as certified oganic textiles and yarns, eco-sustainable and recycled materials.

TU&TU stands outside the fast-fashion concept and upholds a people-centered philosophy, in which the individual is not a passive consumer but a person with a vision whose choices generate changes and new values.

TU&TU encourages ethical consumption by offering high-quality stylish yet durable garments, that can take a lot of wear and tear before eventually being recycled once more.

TU&TU is envisioned and produced entirely in Italy, where every step of the process is supervised to defend workers from both exploitation and involvement in any procedure that might be potentially hazardous for their health.

TU&TU is animal-friendly and does not use any material that has necessitated their sacrifice or maltreatment of any kind.

TU&TU has adopted a “zero waste” production policy, and its head offices are located in a solar-powered building.

TU&TU social ethic has introduced us to collaborate with the Lister Dressmaking Social Cooperative established within the Mental Health Department of the Psychiatric Hospital, Trieste.

Additional product information and ecommerce by clicking here, only High Quality Italian products on


Lime reversible trench-coat

Lime reversible trench-coat

Borsette morbide e colorate per uno stile alla moda e attento al benessere del pianeta. Si tratta dell’ecofashion made in Italy con il marchio Tu&Tu. Borsette e tanti altri accessori made in Italy fatti con microfibra ecologica Dinamica by Miko.

La microfibra in questione deriva da bottiglie di PET riciclate. In un metro di tessuto Dinamica ci sono circa 300 grammi di poliestere recuperato, materiale corrispondete a quello utilizzato per la produzione di 20 bottiglie di plastica.

TU&TU e’ una linea di abbigliamento che opera nel più completo rispetto verso l’ecosistema, gli uomini e gli altri esseri viventi, selezionando materiali che hanno causato il minimo impatto sull’ambiente: tessuti biologici certificati, eco-sostenibili e riciclati. TU&TU rispetta gli animali e non utilizza materiali che abbiano comportato la loro uccisione o sfruttamento.

TU&TU e’ una linea di abbigliamento 100% made in Italy. Le collezioni TU&TU sono ideate e realizzate in Italia, per controllare da vicino tutte le fasi del processo produttivo e garantire il rispetto delle condizioni di sicurezza e salute dei lavoratori.

Jeans Coat

Jeans Coat

TU&TU si pone al di fuori del fast-fashion in favore di una visione incentrata sull’individuo, che con le sue scelte crea cambiamenti e costruisce valori. Per sostenere un consumo responsabile, TU&TU offre capi di valore, qualita’ e stile, destinati a durare e a essere vestiti a lungo per poi essere ancora riciclati.

L’attenzione verso il sociale di TU&TU ha condotto alla collaborazione con Cooperativa Lister Sartoria Sociale, che ha sede all’interno del Dipartimento di Salute mentale di Trieste.

Ulteriori informazioni sui prodotti e ecommerce cliccando qui, solo prodotti Italiani di alta Qualità

Bargain hunter: January sales bargains

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Bargain hunter: January sales bargains via @Telegraph

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