The boundary between the fairytale and fable, between the dreamlike and ghostly – Luana Celli

The boundary between reality and the dream is represented by favolismo Luana Celli, a researcher in atmospheres unknown, magical and improbable, as if they were taken directly from the world of ideas and would return to the surface to make us dream with open eyes.

Its implementation methods are high and show a depth of soul like no other.

The chromatic harmony affiliated technical ability in getting the form, gives the artist a skill and a unique expertise.

In other words, the objective fact transposes into something else, in another place at the boundary between the fairytale and fable, between the dreamlike and ghostly.

Elements that must surely stimulate it to go on, so give us dreams.


Suspended within a dream

Art is like a sky where each star has its place.

The stars are many, but when we look at some appear more vivid, more like our mood, our expectations.

Luana Celli creates shapes and creatures, through a dialogue that never stops, between the hand that performs the stretch and his inner strength is enhanced by the fusion of many feelings and emotions to be redesigned, but only apparently conflicting authentic.

The painting of Luana Celli, can not be cataloged, placed in a school of thought and even his style can be compared to that of other artists.

His way of painting is original and does not follow mathematical rules but derives from his interior and the ability to trace, with emotional simplicity, every trait that, if by magic comes alive, takes shape and speak to the viewer to see.

Luana Celli love beauty and impresses on his canvases with the genuine force of the Arts who lives actively, with the mind and the heart.


Here, where the sea sparkles

Luana Celli lived and worked for years near Rome. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and was a student of Maestro Giulio Turcato. He has participated in important exhibitions Italian gaining more success with critics and audiences. Winner of numerous awards, exhibited in the famous historical exhibition “ONE HUNDRED ARTISTS VIA MARGUTTA.”

Between reality and illusion

The Best Italian Wine Routes: La Montecchia – Veneto

The La Montecchia is primarily concerned with viticulture, an activity established here since the Middle Ages. Petrarch himself appreciated the local vintage, making his home at Arquà at the southern foot of the Euganean Hills.

Forzatè Raboso IGT Vendemmia Tardiva 2011 – La Montecchia – Veneto

Prizes and recognition from the most notable wine critics like Robert Parker, Luca Maroni, “Gambero Rosso” and Luigi Veronelli have

Godimondo Cabernet Franc IGT 2011 – La Montecchia – Veneto

encouraged Giordano Emo to continue in this manner. Half of production is exported abroad.

Most of the labels show figures from the highly interesting “Capodilista Codex”, a volume commissioned in the 15th century to an unknown artist by Giovan Francesco Capodilista, ambassador of the Serenissima to the council in Basel.

Black grapes predominate on these 45 hectares:Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Merlot and Raboso – a local variety that is picked late – are cultivated here. Merlot and Cabernet have been grown in La Montecchia since the 19th century and are justifiably regarded as local vines. The white varieties are Chardonnay, Moscato Fior d’Arancio and Pinot Bianco.
All varieties – except the basic “Colli Euganei Rosso” wine of the estate called “Cadeto” which is made with Merlot and Cabernet and the cru “Villa Capodilista” which is made with Merlot, Cabernet and Raboso – are bottled as single variety (“vinificati in purezza”). You might also want to try the Moscato Fior d’Arancio made with the Moscato grape which is put to dry before it is pressed and produces an highly acclaimed dessert wine sold in half-size bottles.

Pinot Bianco – Colli Euganei DOC 2012 – La Montecchia – Veneto

Straw yellow with greenish reflections. Floral and delicate with hints of bread crust. Tangy, fresh and delicate


The name Fior d’Arancio comes from a gentle hint of citrus fruit, the hallmark of thisf yellow Moscato, which is typical of the volcanic soil in the Euganean Hills.

Acinidoro – Passito Colli Euganei DOC 2010 – La Montecchia

Amber color. The nose sensations of candied orange peel, dates and orange blossom honey, with a background of sweet spiciness. In the mouth it is sweet and soft, with good freshness and persistence.

Insulated way of painting, archipelagos of senses and desires – the art of Elena Rudatis

The  work of Elena Rudatis is conspirative. Its packed solid and wondrous.

Carefully layed down on the back side of bed-time stories, her painting oscillates between a bursting/burning essence and a sincere multiform fragrant surface.


Its a an insulated way of painting, from which emerge with power archipelagos of senses and desires. An irregular geography of bodies with strong outlines: black marks that melt the figures into each other, while in some way, erode them by crunching off nibbles of their flesh.
Here we go then; hands and glances spread out on the canvases, fluvial limbs that the spectator can be quenched with, or can moor in, or even drawn in it.
Above all, the pleasure of the vision is coagulated in the rhythm that wraps up the dances of bodies, in the score made of dense, obstinate colours, at times also suffered, opened to the laceration and to the contrast.
Sometimes the images set off, sailing among squinted daydreams, always on the verge of insistently asking to heal the faraway oceans.
Other times the brushes roll down the canvas, mixing ucise dispersed.

Sirena in disco

In its viscous and magma wise flowing, the expressiveness of the Turinese painter sets up brooks of writing, pruning and inserting syllables and lacerts of poetry in the wefts of the drawing as a literary blossoming that decorate with arabesques the bear contact among the figures.

Escape from the Dawn

The title it is therefore, finally, within the picture: a silver moon shiver that waves on the surface. It is at last necessary to come down to the bottom of the pupil where the colour get drunk of oxygen and the pose cannot be other then clumsy, oblique, lateral.
Its a translucent operation mixing up the sensitive totality of the bodies with the immediacy of the narration.
It is at the end necessary to dive down to the bottom of the taste-pore, courting the milky flavour of slightly curled profiles of bodies, the dense energy of lips, glances stretched out into unknown threads.

A morning without coffee is like sleep, Be Your Own Barista@Home

To make the perfect coffee machine you need the perfect knowledge. La Nuova Era is not only a domestic coffee manufacturer, La Nuova Era also product some of the highest regarded Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines in the Coffee Machine industry. With all this backing the Cuadra La Nuova Era is the Ideal choice for you new coffee machine for your home or office.

Cuadra Coffee Machine

La Nuova Era is an Italian coffee machine company near Venice. They wanted to do something different with the design of a “standard” HX (heat exchange) machine, and We think the succeeded very well with the Cuadra. They produce excellent commercial machines and machines for home “barista”users.

The Cuadra has some nice features that seamlessly integrate in our daily use: 180 degree free movable steam and hotwater wands, big water tank (3 lts), big cup warmer on top, cool handles for steam/water, and a well placed pressure meter.

If you wanted a machine that you could essentially walk up to and brew a professional shot with as little effort and time involved as possible, the answer is this traditional coffee machine with an E61 grouphead. Because this is the best combination you can buy nowadays. For an authentic Italian coffee experience!

Cuadra, red version

You don’t have to be a professional to make good coffee with this machine. For people just starting with espresso, the Cuadra will work out just fine.

This is an excellent semi-pro machine that will keep any aspiring Barista happy for many years to come. You can check and buy on

The Best Italian Wine Routes: Piero Mancini Winery – Sardinia

Piero Mancini Winery offers an unforgettable experience for the senses, combining a passion for wine with the scenic beauty of the Gallura region, in an inviting atmosphere of rare beauty.

The Piero Mancini Winery is in one of the most beautiful places in Sardinia.

The winery extends beyond the historic valley of Balajana, near the town of Luogosanto, in the province of Olbia-Tempio in the Gallura region.

Valle di Balajana

Valle di Balajana

The tasting offers six different wines from the Piero Mancini Winery, carefully chosen to ensure a high quality experience.

We would recommend three wines:

Vermentino di Gallura ManciniPrimo, DOCG

Vermentino di Gallura ManciniPrimo, DOCG

The golden soul of real Gallura, the mirror of its treasures, new horizons of refined taste. Mancini Primo, so the family has called this magnificent Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, dedicated to high level restaurant, because its quality is such as to place it at the top of the production of the Cantina delle Vigne di Piero Mancini.

Pale straw yellow with greenish hues, fruity, full-bodied with a somewhat bitter aftertaste.

Wine Vermentino di Gallura - CUCAIONE 2011 DOCG

Wine Vermentino di Gallura – CUCAIONE 2011 DOCG

This magnificent Vermentino, one of the masterpieces of Piero Mancini, was created to celebrate the charm of Gallura. It is a wine of elegant personality, fine and harmonious, and the taste is very balanced, with a good structure.

Straw yellow with greenish hues, typically aromatic and elegant, balanced, smooth, well structured.

Wine Falcale - Cannonau di Sardegna DOC 2009

Wine Falcale – Cannonau di Sardegna DOC 2009

A beautiful Cannonau, the pride of production Piero Mancini, whose name intentionally remind to the falco (hawk), the beautiful bird that fly high in the sky. A wine that stands above, which differs, that is fascinating. The best contribution to the finest Italian cuisine.

Ruby red with amber hues. Pleasant aroma, with hints of wild berries and ripe fruit. Dry, fruity, full-bodied, elegant, with an aftertaste of almond.

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