Not to sound like your mom or anything, but you don’t want to get caught outside without a cute winter coat when the temperature drops!

To make sure you stay warm and look cool, here are the best Fontana‘s coats you’d love to have.

Winter coats are the staple in any wardrobe, and this season we’ve been overwhelmed with choice.

From red to tartan, from blue royal to camel.
Winter coats are looking seriously good this season and we’re actually looking forward to the temperature dropping so we can cosy up in everything from pastel pinks to statement faux fur.

Fontana Couture is the renowned Italian fashion house, synonymous with luxury and quality, which since 1928 has represented the ingenious craftsmanship and excellence of Italian Tailoring in Lady Style.

The new clothing line borrowed from the fashion house, historically located in Via Della Spiga in Milan, its cutting perfection, the elegance of its models and its attention to details, all of which make Fontana 2.0 the symbol of prêt-à-porter elegance.


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Attention to details and quality raw materials are the main characteristics of a product of excellence. All Made In Italia® products are handmade in the best Italian artisan centres, carefully selected and checked by our staff.
That’s why we’re always certain to offer our customers a flawless product. With Made In Italia® you’re always in good hands!


Do you need a logo to be fashionable? At Made In Italia® we don’t think so. We believe that the elegance of the shapes and the perfection of the models convey more than any logo.
Made In Italia® products are for people who can give quality the right value and don’t need labels.



Italy is the country of fashion. Anywhere in Italy the culture and the habit of creating top-quality and stylish products allow the small excellence manufacturing activities to grow.
Made In Italia® selects the best realities and, thanks to the online distribution, makes them sell their products in the world at the right price.



Cianfagna Farm

Since 1860 the Cianfagna family is dedicated to agricultural production.
The winery was founded in 1999. Vincenzo Gianfagna inherited the holding of Pasquale, his father.
The goal of Vincenzo Cianfagna is to enhance and innovate the family tradition. The choices are devoted to obtaining a high-quality wine, genuine and unique, obtained by processing grapes that are exclusively producted by the family, and obviously lovingly cured.
The meticulous control of all stages of production, from the vineyard to the bottle, takes place in the beautiful hills of Molise, surrounded by incredible landscapes.



In 1999 the hectares of vineyards were 4, including 3 of Tintilia and 1 of Aglianico. The vineyards are located on a hill about 500 mt. above sea level, in the town of Acquaviva Collecroce, about 30 km from the sea and 70 km from the city of Campobasso. The plant was the result of careful studies and a period of experimentation and research on the vineyard with the University of Molise, that led to choose the row cordon. The position of the vineyards led to an ideal pedoclimate for Tintilia.
In that zone the soil is mostly clay. The climate presents good temperature range, not only between seasons but also between day and night. The area is well ventilated even in summer, and the temperature between day and night can vary up to 15 degrees. Even a careless walk through the rows denoting incredible care for these plants. There is no irrigation and the production is controlled to achieve the highest quality from the vineyard: that gives strength to the plant. The buds are selected and spaced for better growth. The green grapes are thinned to allow the most beautiful and best sunny arriving in harvesting and thinning of the leaves before harvest allow a perfect maturation of the grapes.
The vineyard is protected from fungi and parasites through a few treatments with sulfur and copper. The well-ventilated area reduces the moisture and allows to avoid the growth of fungi. All this attention and meticulous care is the result of a family culture, based on respect and love for the land. The quality of the vineyards is also guaranteed by the knowledge of Vincenzo Cianfagna, specializing in agronomy, in charge of the vineyards in the first person. The goal is to bring in a cellar healthy grapes, suitable for traditional techniques, without any sophistication and without the fixed support of a winemaker, as our ancestors have done for centuries. The level of sulfites present in our wines is less than that allowed in organic farming.




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