Brian Eno, clouds of music at the Royal Palace in Venaria Reale

Venaria stands majestically in the countryside near Turin, and is a triumph of beauty, thin, yet so tangible in his living material with stucco and gold (Venaria Reale was a residence of the Royal House of Savoy – UNESCO World Heritage Centre).

It’s a sunny afternoon, just too full of light, when we meet Brian Eno in the Great Gallery of Venaria, where Saturday, July 7, from 21, the guru of ambient music presented to the public his new sound installation, part of the festival experiential , designed for the exclusive use of the huge hall of the stately palace and its visitors.

12 Seasons. Music for the Great Gallery of the Palace of Venaria, the title of the new work by Eno, is composed of two tracks sound the hour divided into twelve sections, where the system uses only four speakers, two placed at the entrance and two at the exit of the Gallery, with the fronts sound directed toward the center of the room.

“To get to this final solution I had to deal with many different attempts and failures,” admits the former Roxy Music, surrounded by the staff of the Palace, at the forefront of Domenico De Gaetano, the editor of this site-specific project, and the engineers of the Dada as Stephen Morino, who engaged merely to follow the orders of the “master”. “On the first lap I came here with six tracks purely electronic, but I did not like as soon as I heard in the gallery. How you feel it too, when I clap my hands you create a very pronounced reverb, the sound here is very special. Spreading the music is generated randomly so listening differently depending on the position of the listener inside the gallery, and I wanted to base this dynamic installation “.

“The sensation experienced by the visitor is to be wrapped in two separate sound streams,” the curator anticipates De Gaetano. “As you approach the center of the room, the echo of the sounds behind him becomes a memory, a sort of cloud of steam memory, mingling with the delicate reverberations of the sounds that await him at the gate. Two movements that complete at the precise moment when encountered in the heart of the Galleria. are melodic sound tracks formed by nuclei just mentioned, almost whispered, with hints of the hottest real violins that have replaced the arches originally sampled. ”

The silence comes into play with light strokes of the vacuum, providing a smooth carpet on which the music float, as if suspended in the air. Everything, meanwhile, lets the light through. “Immersion in the light and space is the real experience that touches the visitor of the Gallery,” Eno adds, “nothing to do with an inner eye, I think Juvarra had planned to invite the world to enter, and then I felt that the music would exist both inside and outside space, like a cloud or atmosphere that permeated the building coming from outside. ”

Brian Eno guides us with the movement of the hand toward the sacred fire of the installation. At the center of the gallery is the soul sonic architecture on which he worked tirelessly for weeks, stealing energy to the many activities that he is engaged on the music front: “I have lots of open collaboration with several British musicians, for example, Karl Hide Underworld, I’m working on a new record for over three years, and that soon would become public, then there is a math-rock band London which I love and I like to work, called Three Trapped Tigers, while in London with a sound often Ebe Oke, a young singer-songwriter particularly inspired (it was Pete Doherty, long ago, the artist responsible for recommending this label Rough Trade, Geoff Travis, Ed), and together performeremo in September ( from 6 to 8) to the Punkt festival in Norway, the Kilden Performing Arts Centre in Kristiansand, where artistic director. why I have invited many musicians and remixers that I admire, such as Ben Frost, Reggie Watts, Mum and Marconi Union “.



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