The new chocolate of Amedei – Blanco de Criollo


Blanco De Criollo Chocolate Bar, extra dark chocolate bar at 70% – Amedei

Blanco de Criollo the new Amedei chocolate. The company of Pontedera, which did stock up on awards at the London Academy of Chocolate Awards (the world’s foremost authority made ​​of chocolate) produces handmade chocolate through a production process that begins at the plantation in collaboration with farmers, who in the Caribbean and South American cocoa-growing, and the selection of plants and seeds for processing.
Blanco de Criollo is sold after two years of work and collaboration between Amedei and some Peruvian farmers from the area of Piura (north-west of Peru) whose crops produce seeds with high quality Criollo (high quality cocoa widespread in ‘Central and South America) 80% characterized by a bright white color inside the seed.
The chocolate made with this cocoa is a dark chocolate 70% and consists of a merger (“blend”) of rare Peruvian cacao with a scent of wild berries and wild mushrooms alternating with hints of prune, toasted almonds and liquorice, a hint , the latter which extends the aroma.
Chocolate Blanco de Criollo in the tablets is available on ItaliaWorldWide (The Web Store of Made in Italy Goods) 50 gram limited edition since its recipe and research are still evolving.

In Italy, Standards of Excellence

Bigger. Faster. Cheaper. The pressure to produce in an increasingly competitive marketplace has led many global fashion houses to face due north and take a sharp turn toward China.

But the best of Italy’s luxury brands are ignoring the temptation and resolutely digging their heels into the traditions of their homeland. By embracing, and at times reviving, time-honored techniques, they are dedicated to the standards of excellence for which the country is known.

Here is a glimpse of some of the highest quality craftsmanship Italy has to offer:


The masters at Fendi, using techniques developed nearly 90 years ago, ensure that clients are dazzled every season by innovative fur garments, most of which look nothing like fur at all.

The Roman label is particularly deft at complicated intarsia techniques, in which expertly cut and dyed pieces of fox, lamb and mink are inlaid together like a fur puzzle. The process is made all the more complex by the different lengths and colors of the fibers, which are painstakingly stitched together, creating new volumes and geometric shapes on the fur as if it were a 3-D canvas.

A Persian lamb and mink coat took 88 hours to create, but as Silvia Venturini Fendi, the brand’s creative director of accessories, pointed out after the runway show: “There is no threat whatsoever that H&M will be knocking this off.”

Brunello Cucinelli

The biggest cheerleader for maintaining Italy’s standards of excellence just might be Brunello Cucinelli a former farmer who is now known as the king of cashmere.

“Let me ask you how many 25-year-olds currently dancing in a disco have dreams to become a tailor?” he inquired from his office in the town of Solomeo, Italy. “We have got to make this more appealing than just a €1,300-a-month job,” he said, referring to a salary of $1,650.

In Italy, Standards of Excellence

Notizie ItaliaWorldWide n. 2

Dal 10 settembre 2012, la piattaforma ecommerce sarà operativa con numerosi prodotti, provenienti da diverse aziende del territorio italiano. Prodotti originali e di qualità elevata, garantiti dal fatto che sono stati progettati e prodotti in Italia. Dolci, abbigliamento, pulizia personale e per la casa, arredamento e molto altro. Leggi il comunicato stampa…


La nascita di viene accompagnata da diverse occasioni di acquisto.
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Astorflex the good shoe

Astorflex is a shoe by the end of the 800 active customers which has always been the most varied from small shops to large retailers to large brands.

Born as a small workshop run by the family Travenzoli then became in the nineties, with the fourth generation in the person of the owner Fabio Travenzoli, a small industry.

Today Astorflex is able to present different models of shoes, all united by the same philosophy and turned to a customer by a critical spirit, not influenced by fashion, branding and advertising, but who buys a well aware of what it is made of and how much work served to produce it.

In 2008 was born the project “Reasoning YOUR FEET”, which thanks to the objectives set, now collecting a good agreement:

  • replace solvent-based adhesives with those water (for all production)
  • certify the origin of the raw material
  • make public the formation of the cost of the product
  • especially job creation.


Today, thanks to this project Astorflex work to 75 people (35 internal employees in 40 Italian laboratories).


The shoes are all made in Italy in every phase of work.


The project “Reasoning with feet” has allowed Astorflex to know many people who have gratified and appreciating the product, providing many opportunities for improvement, such as interest and cooperation free of charge, some doctors podiatrists (Dr. Mannino and Dr. Luppi) and allergists hospital in Modena.The first confirming the quality of the product from the mechanical point of view, the seconds the importance of vegetable tanned leather.

The same project is in development: continuing the collaboration with doctors podiatrists to make other models comfortable. Astorflex is studying a sector for the search of leather and Italian organic farms with veterinarians gasisti for the construction of footwear with the least possible environmental impact.

Today Astorflex is able to present different models of shoes, born on explicit customer requests, all united by the same philosophy aimed at a clientele from the critical spirit, not influenced by fashion, brands, advertising, but who buys well aware of what composing it and how much work has been instrumental in producing it.

These shoes meet the need comfortable walking without depending on mode and claim a new ethic between producer and consumer.


The underlying philosophy of this product:

  • there is no mark because it is not connected to any style to flaunt. It ‘an object that we need to walk comfortably
  • we have to buy it only if we need
  • must demonstrate that in a supply chain manager, you can provide a valuable asset that gratifies the manufacturer and meets the needs of the consumer (excellent quality at the right price)
  • which activates a chain all Italian and local levels where is the sense of responsibility and mutual trust to create the ethics behind it.

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Astorflex è un calzaturificio attivo dalla fine dell’800 la cui clientela è sempre stata la più varia dal piccolo negozio alla grande distribuzione fino ai grandi marchi.

Nasce come piccola realtà artigiana gestita dalla famiglia Travenzoli per poi diventare negli anni novanta, con la quarta generazione nella persona dell’attuale titolare Fabio Travenzoli, una piccola industria.

Oggi Astorflex è in grado di presentare diversi modelli di calzature, accomunati tutti dalla stessa filosofia e rivolti ad una clientela dallo spirito critico, non influenzata da mode, marchi e pubblicità, ma che acquista un bene consapevole di ciò che lo compone e di quanto lavoro sia servito a produrlo.

Nel 2008 nasce il progetto “RAGIONIAMO CON I PIEDI”, che grazie agli obiettivi imposti, riscuote da subito un buon consenso:

  • sostituire gli adesivi a base solvente con quelli ad acqua (per tutta la produzione)
  • certificare la provenienza della materia prima
  • rendere pubblica la formazione del costo del prodotto
  • soprattutto creare posti di lavoro.

Oggi grazie anche a questo progetto AstorFlex da lavoro a 75 persone ( 35 dipendenti interni 40 nei laboratori esterni italiani).

Le scarpe sono tutte prodotte in Italia in ogni loro fase di lavoro.

Il progetto “Ragioniamo con piedi” ha consentito ad Astorflex di conoscere molte persone che hanno gratificato ed apprezzando il prodotto, fornendo numerosi spunti di miglioramento, come l’interesse e la collaborazione a titolo gratuito di alcuni medici podologi (Dott. Mannino e Dott. Luppi ) e allergologi dell’ospedale di Modena. I primi confermando la qualità del prodotto dal punto di vista meccanico, i secondi l’importanza della pelle conciata al vegetale.

Lo stesso progetto è in evoluzione: continua la collaborazione con i medici podologi per realizzare altri modelli comodi. Astorflex sta studiando una filiera per la ricerca di pelli da allevamenti biologici italiani grazie a medici veterinari gasisti per la costruzione di calzature col minor impatto ambientale possibile.

Oggi Astorflex è in grado di presentare diversi modelli di calzature, nati su esplicite richieste dei clienti, accomunati tutti dalla stessa filosofia rivolto ad una clientela dallo spirito critico, non influenzata da mode, marchi, pubblicità, ma che acquisti un bene consapevole di ciò che lo compone e di quanto lavoro sia servito a produrlo.

Queste calzature soddisfano il bisogno di camminare comodi senza dipendere dalle mode e affermano una nuova etica tra produttore e consumatore.

La filosofia che sottende questo prodotto:

  • non c’è marchio perchè non si collega ad alcun stile da ostentare. E’ un oggetto che ci serve per camminare in modo confortevole
  • lo dobbiamo comperare solo se ci serve
  • deve dimostrare che in una filiera responsabile è possibile offrire un bene di valore che gratifichi il produttore e soddisfi i bisogni del consumatore (ottima qualità al giusto prezzo)
  • che si attiva una filiera tutta italiana e locale in cui è il senso di responsabilità e di fiducia reciproca a creare l’etica che lo sostiene.

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