Italian Leader in Europe for organic farms

According to data released by SANA, the international organic farming held in Bologna in early November each year, Italy recorded an upward trend at the international level, in this area, reconfirming the largest exporter and largest producer of vegetables, cereals, citrus, grapes and olives organic.

Even in the world, organic farming has a positive trend in recent years the sector has registered average growth rates ranging from 10 to 20% per annum.
World production: Australia is the world’s largest producer with 12 million hectares under organic, while Italy, with an area of over 1 million organic acres, occupies the eighth place (after Argentina, China, United States , Brazil, Spain and India) worldwide and second in Europe after Spain (the only exceeds the greater surface area for pasture and woodland in respect of areas under crops,the record remains Italy) , followed by Germany, Britain and France. Italy is also the first in Europe by the number of organic farmers.


Prodotti Biologici

Organic product


The Italian organic: the sector has highly innovative features, especially when compared with the general situation of our agriculture: a high percentage of women entrepreneurs (25%), youth (50% are under 50 years), farmers with a high educational level (50% of organic producers has a diploma, graduating 17%) and recur easily to new technologies (52% use the Internet). Our country is the first producer of organic vegetables (with an area of 28,000hectares, eight times that of Spain), cereal (with around 200,000 hectares), citrus (23,000 acres), grapes (with 52,000 hectares, three times the French ) olives (over 140,000 hectares). Many other organic products are grown, realexcellent food wine, olive oil and cheese over the years have receivedprestigious awards at international competitions.

Among the world records of our country in organic farming emphasizes the SANA to a preserve biological continues in the years to keep sales higher than those of large industrial and private-label brands in supermarkets. But Italy is also the largest exporter of organic products (reaching all of Europe, the United States and Japan) to a value in 2010 exceeded 1 billion euros.





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