The Palio di Legnano, in May each year recalls the story from 1176

Italy is the country of traditions, in fact there are many events that are repeated year by year, with a spirit reminiscent and historical. The Palio di Legnano is one of them, and every year the last Sunday of May, commemoratesthe victorious Battle of Legnano, fought May 29, 1176 by the armies of the Lombard League against the Emperor of Germany, Frederick Barbarossa. Before the Palio horses are blessed, and the streets of the city held a parade consisting of more than 1,200 historical figures in medieval costumes, whose clothes, shields, etc.. closely reflect those of the twelfth century.

The highlight of the Palio, a horse race is the “hair” that is, without a saddle,which is manifested on Sunday and attend, as 8 districts: Flora, San Bernardino, San Martino, San Domenico, San Magno, Sant’Ambrogio, Legnarello, Sant’Erasmo. It runs on sandy mantle and is composed of two batteries elimination of 4 revolutions of the ring, to which each involving 4 quarters, and by a final 5 turns in the top 2 of the batteries classified earlier.

The district winner of the Palio has the right to retain in their own church, until the following year, the Cross of Ariberto Intimiano, which is a plaster sculpture from 1935 by sculptor Legnano Gersam Turri, which faithfully reproduces the original cross.



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