Tripping to Tarquinia, Italy’s we… JPo

Tarquinia: The very name is evocative. Despite having been to Italy seven times, I had never heard of Tarquinia until last summer. But will spreading the word spoil this gem? Where is Tarquinia? In the province of Lazio, less than 90 minutes north of Rome.

Grassy mounds of the mysterious Etruscan people, buried for thousands of years, grand villas and gardens, prize-winning pizza and a medieval city that charms. A population of perhaps 17,000 in winter swells to 40,000 in summer, as Italians flock to its beaches.

There I was amid 38 bell towers – the higher the tower, the wealthier the family.

These towers are from the Middle Ages.

Tripping to Tarquinia, Italy’s we… JPost – Travel – Travel News via @twitterapi

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