A morning without coffee is like sleep, Be Your Own Barista@Home

To make the perfect coffee machine you need the perfect knowledge. La Nuova Era is not only a domestic coffee manufacturer, La Nuova Era also product some of the highest regarded Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines in the Coffee Machine industry. With all this backing the Cuadra La Nuova Era is the Ideal choice for you new coffee machine for your home or office.

Cuadra Coffee Machine

La Nuova Era is an Italian coffee machine company near Venice. They wanted to do something different with the design of a “standard” HX (heat exchange) machine, and We think the succeeded very well with the Cuadra. They produce excellent commercial machines and machines for home “barista”users.

The Cuadra has some nice features that seamlessly integrate in our daily use: 180 degree free movable steam and hotwater wands, big water tank (3 lts), big cup warmer on top, cool handles for steam/water, and a well placed pressure meter.

If you wanted a machine that you could essentially walk up to and brew a professional shot with as little effort and time involved as possible, the answer is this traditional coffee machine with an E61 grouphead. Because this is the best combination you can buy nowadays. For an authentic Italian coffee experience!

Cuadra, red version

You don’t have to be a professional to make good coffee with this machine. For people just starting with espresso, the Cuadra will work out just fine.

This is an excellent semi-pro machine that will keep any aspiring Barista happy for many years to come. You can check and buy on ItaliaWorldWide.com

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