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Alberto Alessi is the godfather of much contemporary design. As president of kitchen accessories company Alessi, he gave the world iconic postmodern pieces by “star designers” such as Michael Graves, Philippe Starck, Richard Sapper, Ettore Sottsass, Alessandro Mendini and Achille Castiglioni.

Alessi was born into kitchenware and manufacturing. His paternal grandfather founded Alessi, while his maternal grandfather started Bialetti, makers of the classical hexagonal Italian percolator coffee machines — the ones with the little man on the side. Today, Alberto Alessi is something of a design guru. A museum trustee, he writes, lectures and curates shows about design, as well as running Alessi…

My design London: Alberto Alessi

Teapot by Christopher Dresser, one of Alessis's beloved designers

Teapot by Christopher Dresser, one of Alessis’s beloved designers

Toybox: Cake stands

After Alessandro Mendini’s Anna Gong folding cake stand launched in 2011, Dutch designer Marcel Wanders offers his own interpretation. Inspired by the circus, Fatman (HK$3,470) resembles the colourful ruffled collar of a clown when closed and can be unlocked to reveal a three-plate food stand. In stainless steel with water-based transfers.

Toybox: Cake stands

Alessi - Fatman

Alessi – Fatman

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