Not to sound like your mom or anything, but you don’t want to get caught outside without a cute winter coat when the temperature drops!

To make sure you stay warm and look cool, here are the best Fontana‘s coats you’d love to have.

Winter coats are the staple in any wardrobe, and this season we’ve been overwhelmed with choice.

From red to tartan, from blue royal to camel.
Winter coats are looking seriously good this season and we’re actually looking forward to the temperature dropping so we can cosy up in everything from pastel pinks to statement faux fur.

Fontana Couture is the renowned Italian fashion house, synonymous with luxury and quality, which since 1928 has represented the ingenious craftsmanship and excellence of Italian Tailoring in Lady Style.

The new clothing line borrowed from the fashion house, historically located in Via Della Spiga in Milan, its cutting perfection, the elegance of its models and its attention to details, all of which make Fontana 2.0 the symbol of prêt-à-porter elegance.


fontana_bar-768x512 fontana_marta_bw fontana_gold2-768x512

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