Italy: Roaming in Roma – Travel – NZ Herald

Twenty-eight years ago, a Roman we met in Florence pleaded with us to visit his city. With tears in his eyes and his arms outstretched, he implored: “You musta go to Roma, you musta visit la Città Eterna!”

On that occasion, running low on time and funds we did not go to Rome, but last year my partner and I kept our promise to him.

Five days at the tail-end of four weeks in Croatia and Italy cannot do justice to such a city – but then nor could a lifetime.

Still, it was long enough to become enthralled by the history and architecture, to fall under the spell of the Roman people with their easy charm and enviable style, and inspire a deep longing to return – sealed, of course, by the traditional tossing of a coin into the Trevi Fountain.

Italy: Roaming in Roma – Travel – NZ Herald News via @nzherald

Rome's Trevi Fountain

Rome’s Trevi Fountain


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