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Sixteen years ago, Francesca Planeta returned home to Sambuca di Sicilia from her first international sales trip with pockets full of orders for Planeta Chardonnay only to find that her father Diego was investing heavily in a Noto property where he planned to grow the grape nero d’Avola. “He’s crazy!” she thought. In the mid-1990s, few outside Sicily had heard of nero d’Avola and indigenous varietals were not yet chic. But Diego Planeta was a visionary who understood that the future of Sicilian winemaking lay in its past. His plan was first to invite wine lovers to discover the potential for quality wines in Sicily through varieties they knew, then introduce them to tastes unique to the island. After Noto, he purchased vineyard estates in Vittoria and Etna and built an independent winemaking facility in each location to ensure the freshness of the grapes.

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Life with wine

Life with wine


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