World’s oldest vine celebrated in Tesimo-Prissiano (Alto Adige): Town fetes first blooms of season

The oldest and largest grapevine in the world is being celebrated in the northern region of Alto Adige, at the foot of the Katzenzungen Castle, with its first dedicated blooming festival. The vine called ‘Versoaln‘ is over 350 years old and grows at 600 meters. Every year a limited number of bottles, 75-120, are produced from grapes cultivated from the autoctonous and enduring vine (ANSA).

Katzenzungen Castle, also known as Castel del Gatto, the castle is owned by the family Pobitzer, which boasts eight centuries of history and with its structure represents a stage in the evolution of the architecture of the castle, no longer built to be a fortress defensive but a residential dwelling.

Castel Katzenzungen

Castel Katzenzungen

The old vine grows abundantly more than 350 years in the shelter of an ancient wall and its branches covering over 350 square feet of arbor. From small bunches of ‘ grape seeds with transparent and medium-sized (whose production is between 6 to 7 tons per year) you get just 400 bottles of precious wine from greenish white “Versoaln“, which is a ‘important witness to the ancient history of wine in the Alto Adige.



The cultivation and bottling of this precious nectar has been entrusted to the Provincial Farm Laimburg. Bottles, numbered and accompanied by a certificate, can be purchased at the Gardens at a cost of Euro 32.00. Definitely an original gift!



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