Brian Eno, after Bowie and U2, puts music in the Baroque Juvarra

Brian Eno is working with a sound track in the tunnel Juvarra Venaria, north of Turin. The installation will be completed by July 7 at the opening of HOP.E., two weeks of workshops and initiatives for young artists.

The Venaria Royal Savoy is one of the largest residences in Piedmont. Probably the largest in size, was designed and built in a few years (1658 – 1679) by architect Amedeo di Castellamonte. A commissionarla was the Duke Carlo Emanuele II, who wanted to make the base for hunting in the heather hills of Turin, the same name in Latin of the palace, Venatio Director, is derived from the art of hunting.

The set of buildings that make up the complex, enormous if you consider the extension (80,000 m²), including the park and the historic village of Venaria, constructed so as to form a sort of collar that directly recalls the Annunciation, symbol of the house of Savoy. The village can be joined many houses and buildings of workers and ordinary citizens who wanted to live near the palace, until it becomes Venaria a separate municipality in the province of Turin.

In 1972 he began the adventure of Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, which is now divided into over fifty albums as a solo artist or in collaboration with others. Some have marked the history of music, such as Another Green World, Before and After Science, Music For Airports, but as a producer that Eno has revolutionized the world of rock music, working with David Bowie, Devo, Talking Heads, U2. With them has become an intellectual million copies: just turned 64 years old, signing still interesting albums (the last, Drums Between the Bells, came out last year), but most part, takes a position, he theorizes. Brian Eno says, “I am still very interested in the idea of a music that is born alone, once a given set of conditions. The composition has a life of its own, so maybe for a while nothing happens then suddenly everything changes. ”

Now he calls “generative music”, but already in 1975 on the back of Discreet Music wrote of “systems that adjust individually and can create entire songs with little or no human intervention.” The same principle is found in the iPhone app: eTrope Bloom (“It is going to arrivarne another,” announces) produce ambient music is always different, but always equally persuasive, reacting to the touch of fingers on the screen. It’s the end of the ego? “I do not know, I establish the rules, but then I do not know the end result, sometimes surprises even me.” The artist of the future for Eno is also a programmer: “In my app the computer code is as important as the sounds.” But technology is not transparent and the medium affects the message, so the music that comes from a PC will not be the same that you can write with a guitar. Eno, a pioneer of the music machines, began with a reel to reel tape recorders and synthesizers, now uses a Mac

Opera per  lara pacis Mimmo Paladino Brian Eno

Opera per l’Ara pacis Mimmo Paladino Brian Eno

Brian Eno has already numerous collaborations with artists or art, remember the event designed for site-specific spaces of the Museum of Ara Pacis. In 2008 the exhibition / event “Brian Eno | Mimmo Paladino. Opera for the Ara Pacis, “was the occasion for two undisputed protagonists of contemporary culture, to find themselves working together after almost 10 years since their first joint project of the Round House in London in 1999.



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