Cloud computing comes into Tecnobeach Riviera Romagnola (Adriatic Coast)

Cloud computing allows you to preset the most interesting and innovative solutions, such as Tecnobeach the Adriatic coast, made possible by the cloud of Telecom Italia. This innovative technology services, which are equipped with bathing facilities. Now that the summer season starts, there was really needed. In this way it may very well go on vacation or to begin planning the holidays themselves, without sacrificing the technological solutions that we like.



Everything is naturally for the benefit of bathers and holidaymakers in general. Telecom in particular to a project that is expected to provide services of particular interest through what might be called a beach hi-tech. But what specifically are these services? From this point of view is everything: wi-fi to connect to the Internet, video surveillance system to prevent theft, photovoltaic sunshades that can be managed remotely, rescue and emergency services for the safety of tourists. Let’s say for example if a tourist needs information, so it features interactive totem, to receive all the news, and search through them even send electronic postcards and even photos directly from the beach.

Beach hi-tech, innovative technology services, who want to make the tourism industry of our country, a truly cutting edge.



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