Italian Leader in Europe for the recycling of wastes

The study “The eco-efficient recycling” emerges that Italywith 33 million tons of recovered materialsis leader in Europe, after Germany. Recycling has allowed us to avoid CO2 emissions equivalent to 53 million tons. The analysis was made by the Institute of Environment research Ambiente Italia, in its third edition, has been facilitated by the recycling and recovery Kyoto commissioned by the club and fund the recycling of packaging made from Cial, CNA, Comieco, Corepla, Rilegno and Conai.

According to the study, recycling in Italy has avoided CO2 emissions amountedto 53 million tons in 2010, 10% of total emissions which Italy is responsible in a year.

The secondary materials have become a global market, with differences between one product and another, plastics, paperscrap metal, aluminum and copper materials are characterized by a second world market, woodglass and lead, instead, on the continental market Europe. The aggregates, national and sub national markets.



According to 2010 data, the global exports of the nine major secondary materials worth more than $ 90 billion and the total quantity exported amounted to 200 million tons.

The study finds that overall, the eco-industry at Community level (that is, the Europe of 27 countries) has increased its turnover by 232 billion euros in 2004 to 319 billion in 2008, with an annual growth rate rated by 8,3% and a value that represents 2.5% of European GDP and, immediately after the renewable energy sector, the recycling of waste has been the most dynamic area with a growth rateequal to 17% per annum.Not to mention that, after the waste management and water supply, recycling (even excluding all manufacturing industry related to it) is the most important eco-industry and the employment of more than half a million employees permanently employed.



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