Urban gardens: agriculture reaches Italian cities

Find a small piece of land in the city, work it, planting vegetables, fruits andvegetables, and have the satisfaction of collecting and taste the fruits of their labor. This is the global trend that has reached even Italy: more and more people feel the need to find a contact with nature, working outdoors and eat healthier.


Orto urbano

Urban garden


In Italy there are more and more urban gardens, especially municipalities, which are rented or entrusted to citizens free of charge. An initiative recently launched by the City of Capannori and Rome, which already has a hundred gardens and urban gardens shared.


Orto urbano

Urban Garden


There are also several initiatives “Urban Gardens” as Campagna Amica and Italia Nostra, both of national significance, open to external input that will appeal to allthose private or public, who, having green areas, want to be devoted to the “art of cultivate” in respect of the historical memory of places, accepting ethical rules to be stated in advance in Italy Our agreement with ANCI (association of Municipalities of Italy) with which it has been recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding.




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