Venice gets celebrating for the America’s Cup 2012

“Tradition and technology have the spirit of the America’s Cup in Venice: whythis event is combined with the city that, in spite of those who believed doomedto decay, looks to the future.” Word of Giorgio Orsoni, Venice mayor and president of the Society of sailing, the club that in the 1992 America’s Cup in San Diego gave his pennant to the Moro di Venezia.


Prada - America's Cup in Venice

Prada – America’s Cup in Venice


Not by chance that the fulcrum of the event will see 12 to 20 May in front of St. Mark the challenges of America’s Cup World Series (races that take place in view of the 2013 America’s Cup in San Francisco) is the Arsenal. Where were born the galleys that have made Venice today there are the workshops of the barriers of Moses, which will protect the city from the top, and one of the most futuristic Venetian companies. “The Arsenal is the symbolic place of our future,”says Orsoni “and will be open to the public, to visit the team bases and attend parties and events. The city wants to reclaim that space: the first step was for the Biennale, now we have started the paperwork for reacquire it. This event willprove as useful to the city. ”


America's Cup in Venice

America’s Cup in Venice


The race, ahead of San Marco and the Lido, will create problems for navigation? “All the events that lead so many people create some discomfort” Orsoni admits, “but we tried to reduce them indispensable. We count on the patience of the Venetians, hoping to take in a sporting spirit. Venice has always hoped to find a leader Raul Gardini as we did relive the excitement of the Cup and he found it in Patrizio Bertelli‘s Luna Rossa. ”


America's Cup World Series

America’s Cup World Series


The event is organized by the committee Vivere Venezia: “We were lucky,” says the mayor, “because we found a group of entrepreneurs interested in developingthe city and the Lido, which has guaranteed the cost of living expenses.



The Cup is to revitalize the city: a pedestrian promenade and Naples have been exceptional, we have opened the Arsenal. “As for budgets, for now Orsoni has acertain fact: “The receptivity of Venice is nearly exhausted, we have 40 000 bedsand tell me I need to find a place to go to Treviso.”




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