Ferrari Maranello, the passion and myth conquers the world

The story of Enzo Ferrari and the Ferrari car is long and full of peculiarities. One thing is for sure, Enzo Ferrari was able to convey the passion and love for the engines, and it’s easy to feel it every time you see speeding a GT or Formula 1.



Who has never been seized with a desire to have or simply drive a Ferrari ?, Simply to test drive a racing car exception, dominate the power of a unique engine, feel part of an object incomparable sense the vibrations and sensations of speed and safety of a Ferrari.



Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40


Even in this difficult period, Ferrari confirms to be an object of desire and the results prove “record” achieved by Maranello in the first quarter of 2012, sales increased by 13.2%, and 11,5% cars delivered. The states in which there was a significant increase in cars delivered to the United States (+16%), the UnitedKingdom (+31%), Germany (+24%) and the Middle East (+23%) .





One Response to Ferrari Maranello, the passion and myth conquers the world

  1. paolo says:

    hi sorry to disagree , I did buy a 360 modena f1 and i must tell you that is the worste car ever driven, full of defects and a very cheap quality, ferrari is a very disappointing brand and the customer care sucks . br paolo

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