The International Book Fair of Torino celebrates its twenty fifth anniversary

The International Book Fair of Torino celebrates its twenty fifth anniversary in 2012. A historic Torino bookseller (Lingotto Fiere 10-14 May 2012, Torino), on the model of the Paris Salon, overcoming it in terms of the wealth and variety of contents and the number of visitors, reaching the peak of European events in the sector.

Lingotto Fiere 10-14 May 2012

Lingotto Fiere 10-14 May 2012

This year the international book fair meets technology to the future, the area of Pavilion 2 dedicated entirely to digital publishing technologies and new cultural points. In the Spring of digital, the exhibition offers visitors the chance to explore the world of digital reading in all its aspects.
Book to the Future is a showcase of excellence for publishing high-tech players: publishers, distributors, device manufacturers, portals, online libraries, which are found in Turin to interact, develop ideas, communicate and interface with the readership to identify new trends, needs and requirements.
Among the protagonists of the 2012 Book to the future, some of the most important player on the national and international, including Amazon, which at the Salon offers the latest models of the Kindle, Nokia, Sony and Trekstor, German company at the show presents its e-reader with movie player and mp3 player integrated.
Among the Italians Ibs, portal leader in online sales of books and audiovisual products; Bol with books and ebooks in Italian and English, and its e-reader Cybook Opus and Orizon; Bookrepublic, online digital library and distribution platform for digital content; Ebookizzati, sales portal ebook Italians and foreigners, which provides services to publishers of books in packaging formats DRM and digital consulting and hacking.
Very rich in the schedule of meetings, conferences, presentations, seminars and debates in the Book Room to the future. The advent of Twitter has caught un prepared many publishers, while others have succeeded in a short time, and with purpose and style very different from each other, transforming it into useful business tool, and promotion.




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