Mastroianni and his favorite: Pasta and Bean dish

Pasta e fagioli is one of the typical dishes of Italian cuisine, and we can enjoy regional and even local variations. Because of this popularity, you can not say with certainty what is the origin of the dish. The Veneto and Tuscany are two regions more than others have made a pasta and bean dish.

I Soliti Ignoti

I Soliti Ignoti

The dish has starred in several films, such as when Marcello Mastroianni, lover of pasta and beans, in movie “I soliti ignoti” with Vittorio Gassman, Toto’ and Claudia Cardinale stop at Capannelle, while it’s going on the robbery of the century,to taste a plate of pasta and beans.

Someone argue that the recipe for pasta and beans was born in the taverns of ancient Rome, cheap dish, tasty and nutritious, and therefore suitable to feed the guests. Others argue that pasta and beans was the dish of the farmers who provide only products of their own backyard, perhaps enriching the flavor with pork rinds.



The pasta and beans is excellent enjoyed with red wines of good body and good acidity, in particular, are recommended Rosso di Montepulciano, Chianti Rufinaor a Cabernet Franc of Grave del Friuli.



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