Kennedy, Clinton, Onassis, King Juan Carlos, Berlusconi… everyone loves Marinella

Aristotle Onassis used to buy twelve of it in one time, rigorously black, to discourage the interlocutors and never to make them to understand of what humor he was. Still today, as at the beginning of the century, the Marinella ties are round the neck of the most elegant and famous men. High exponents of the politics and the entrepreneurial world, of the culture and of the show. They have been round the neck of all the American presidents from Kennedy onwards, included Bill Clinton who was given them by his wife Hillary. Today among the noble customers there are King Juan Carlos and the prince Alberto of Monaco. Marinella has been official supplier of the English royal house for one hundred years.



Today Marinella is famous also for Parfumes, belts, foulards…

Parfums for men and women

Parfums for men and women



Wallet, Pens, sunglasses, watches...

Wallet, Pens, sunglasses, belts, watches...



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