Experience is to feel Eco Country Resort in UMBRIA

Ask a small child what the word ‘experience’ means and probably the reply will be, ‘to feel something’. Like all truths, this one too is very simple. To experience is to feel. And we feel when we are involved. When we are no longer onlookers, but deeply immersed into all that is going on around us. Isn’t that also a good description of travel at its best? When you can connect with nature, community and ecology, when you become a participant rather than a passer-by, authentic experiences are born. Activities at La Casella are an invigorating blend of simple pleasures and extraordinary experiences. At our Eco country Resort you will experience Nature as never before. Discover the new Eco-Vacation trends at La Casella, being in strict contact with nature, horse-back ride in our beautiful & protected woods, rejuvenate yourself at the spa and enjoy the luxury & simplicity of the territory’s cuisine.

UMBRIA: La Casella Resort

UMBRIA: La Casella Resort

It’s not about the horse. Gain new insight into your behaviors through the eyes of a horse in this hands-on experience. Working with our specially selected horses, you’ll clean a horse’s hoof, then command him to run without ever touching his body.

Activities: La Casella Resort

Activities: La Casella Resort

You’ll discover that horses feel our emotional energy, and understand yours by observing how your horse reacts to you. Be open to learning something new about yourself.


La Casella Resort

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