The Godfather, Cicerone and Passito wine: they love Cannoli siciliani

The Italian cuisine is full of meals, flavors and traditions, especially the desserts we have a very wide choice. Today we talk about the cannoli, and how to best enjoy them. The Sicilian cannoli has a long history, and there are a lot of different kind, from the Sicilian to the American of

Cannoli siciliani

Cannoli siciliani

The origin of cannoli is surely long past. Cicerone spoke of a dessert like cannoli. The birth of cannoli would occur in Caltanissetta, ancient “Kalt El Nissa” which in Arabic means “Castle of women” in those days when numerous harem of Saracen emirs. Today’s Sicilian cannoli would be born of sexual allusions: his ancestor could be a sweet banana-shaped, stuffed with ricotta cheese, almonds and honey. The emir’s favorite,while they were imprisoned in the castle of Caltanissetta, is devoted to the preparation of sweets, and have “invented” the cannoli, clear allusion to the”qualities” of amatory Sultan.

There’s a famous scene from The Godfather (1972) where Peter Clemenza says to Rocco who has killed Paulie in the car: “Leave the gun Take the cannoli.”. They also make their appearance in 1990, The Godfather Part III, where Connie Corleone uses cannoli poisoned Don Altobello to kill. More recently, the HBO TV saga The Sopranos mafia regularly seen with cannoli from one character to another.

To enjoy the best product “cannolo sicialiano“, the advice is to uncork a good bottle of sweet black berry like Dolce Nero of Company Bufalefi di Felice Modica, called Dolce Nero because he comes from a dark color and black d ‘Avola: concentrated aromas of plums and berries.




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