Galleria CAMPARI – 100 years of italian history

Visiting Gallery CAMPARI is a unique thing, interactive circuit can involve you and accompany you on a path of evolution. Just over a hundred and fifty years when company CAMPARI, and products have evolved with the tastes and habits of the country. Dudovich, Cappiello, Sacchetti, Nanni, Munari, Federico Fellini are just some of the artists who signed the advertisement, gadgets and bottles of Campari. Innovation has always characterized the company, known and respected around the world.

Due bottiglie della collezione CAMPARI

Two bottles of the collection CAMPARI

Alcune bottiglie di prodotti CAMPARI

Historical bottles CAMPARI

Gaspare Campari went to Milan in 1862. A few years later he opened the Café Campari in Piazza Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. In the back of the shop immediately Gaspare prepares a laboratory that creates the elixir that would make him famous, first Bitter all’uso d’Hollanda and then the Cordiale.

Bottiglie usate nei BAR a inizio secolo scorso

Bottles used in the BAR at the beginning of last century

Pubblicità di inizio secolo scorso

Advertisement turn of the century

Bottiglia con etichetta dell'artista Britto

Bottle with label artist Britto



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