Responsible tourism and a dip into history, the Greeks and Romans

We have said and we repeat that, Italy is a country where you can bring out the passion for tourism: city, history, mountains, archeology, nature, sea, etc. … The WWF Nature always organizes responsible tourism and travel in the nature, today we talk about seawatching in Ventotene.



This kind of holiday is an unforgettable experience around the island, games and activities to learn about the island. Ventotene is located off the Gulf of Gaeta, in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and ‘the most’ small inhabited island of the Pontine archipelago. And Marine Protected Area and State Natural Reserve and recently declared a world heritage by UNESCO. The island is full of old memories: through the historical center, built in the Bourbon period and remained almost unchanged, leads a rich archaeological trail. The sea bed by divers are considered the most ‘beautiful in the Mediterranean. The natural scenario, with its rugged coastline and clear waters,offers a perfect setting for sailing.

Pandoteira once known by the Greeks, the island later became a Roman colony where they were confined for various reasons, members of the imperial family. Famous exile was the only daughter of Augustus, Julia (39a.c.-14d.c.) in the large luxurious complex, called precisely “Villa Giulia” in the island called “Punta Eolo”. A few ruins remain of this villa which can be visited. One of the columns is now the town square as a monument to the fallen, others are exposed to the Historical Museum of Archaeology of the island.



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