Titian at National Gallery, London up to september #ItalyBest

Titian’s First Masterpiece: The Flight into Egypt examines the young artist’s creation of this ambitious and innovative work, believed to be one of his earliest paintings. The choice of his subject allowed Titian to display his skills in landscape painting and reveals bold brushwork and exhilarating use of colour. The painting, which has been generously lent by the Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, will go on display after years of skilled restoration.

Fuga in Egitto di Tiziano

Fuga in Egitto di Tiziano

Throughout his long career, Titian enjoyed the patronage of dukes and kings. He still continues to be recognised as one of the greatest artists of all time.

The exhibition will display Titian‘s masterpiece alongside contemporary Venetian works – both from the National Gallery and loans from other British collections – to demonstrate how Titian adapted ideas from other artists’s work in order to create his sophisticated composition.

On February 2009, an argument about Titian‘s age at death arose between British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and Leader of the Opposition David Cameron at Prime Minister‘s Questions, where Cameron was attempting to ridicule Brown‘s general factual accuracy. This debate spilt over onto Titian’s entry on Wikipedia, when an editor from Conservative Party HQ altered Titian‘s dates to substantiate David Cameron‘s claim and then directed the BBC to the article for them to use as verification. Cameron later apologized and said the staff member had been “disciplined”. The precise date of Titian‘s birth is uncertain.



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  1. Does this show that the Conservatives are ultra manipulative or that they don’t understand how little people trust Wikipedia?

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