Caciucco alla livornese

In Tuscany, the fish soup, the meal was initially poor, and the term has taken on the meaning of “mixture”, for this reason there are different variants of meat,fowl, fish, chick pea ..

Caciucco alla livornese

Of course, what is the traditional fish stew fish which is also linked to a legend. Livorno a fisherman, who had gone fishing with his boat, he was suddenly caught by a storm and drowned. Having left his wife and children in poverty, hunger for the little ones went to the harbor and asked the fishermen to be able to feed the fish.

Each angler fish offered for children: who an octopus, another a sea cicada, who a cuttlefish.
Back home, the mother prepared a soup with the fish and poured them into abowl where she had previously placed slices of bread.
The sweet aroma of the soup improvised curious neighbors who rushed to the woman to ask where it came from.
Thus was born the Cacciucco, excellent with a cup of light red wine, low-tannin. Beaujolais nouveanu, Chianti, Colli del Trasimeno red.


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