ART Exhibitions in ITALY

Here is a guide to some of Italy’s art exhibitions:

COMOVilla Olmo: The Brueghel Dynasty; until July 29.FLORENCE – Uffizi: ‘La Galleria degli arazzi. Epifanie di tessuti preziosi’; 17 prestigious tapestries not seen since 1987; until June 3.

FORLI’Musei di San Domenico: Adolfo Wildt, Soul and Forms Between Michelangelo and Klimt; until June 17.

GENOVAPalazzo Ducale: Van Gogh and Gauguin’s Journey; American and European masterpieces spanning two centuries, with works by Van Gogh (over 40), Gauguin and various American artists such as Edward Hopper, Andrew Wyeth, Mark Rothko, Richard Diebenkorn and Caspar David Friedrich; until April 15.

MANTOVAMuseo Diocesano: Vincenzo Gonzaga (1562-1612), the Splendour of Power; until June 10.

MILANOPalazzo Reale: Titian and the Birth of Modern Landscape Painting; some 50 works; until May 20.

Spazio Oberdan: Gustav Klimt; life-sized reproduction of Beethoven’s Frieze, accompanied by notes of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, as well as 15 original drawings related to the famous fresco hosted at the Secession Palace in Vienna; until May 6.

RAVENNAMAR: Misery and Splendour of the Flesh, Caravaggio, Courbet, Giacometti, Bacon; Testori and great European painting: more than 100 works celebrated by art historian and playwright Giovanni Testori (1923-93); until March 31.

REGGIO EMILIAPalazzo Magnani: Charms of Faraway Lands: Hayez, Fontanesi and Italian Painting in the 19th and 20th Centuries; until April 29.

RIMINICastel Sismondo: From Vermeer to Kandinsky, until June 3.

ROMA – Chiostro del Bramante: Joan Miro! Poetry and Light; 80 works, until June 10.

Complesso Vittoriano: Dali’, An Artist, A Genius; 150 works, till July 1.

Musei Capitolini: ‘Lux in Arcana’ – The Vatican Secret Archive Reveals Itself; 100 original documents, preserved for 400 years in the popes’ Archive, leave the confines of the Vatican City walls for the first time: conclaves, heresies, popes and emperors, Crusades, excommunications, ciphered letters, manuscripts, codices, ancient parchments; till September 2012.

Scuderie del Qurinale: Tintoretto, 50 works; until June 10.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni: The Guggenheim Collection: The American Avant-Garde 1945-1980; 60 works from the Abstract Expressionism of Pollock, Rothko and Gorky to the Pop Art of Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein and the Minimalism of Dan Flavin and Richard Serra; until May 6.

Palazzo Incontro: Henri Cartier-Bresson, 44 photographs; until May 6.

Palazzo Barberini: ‘Guercino 1591-1666, Masterpieces from Cento (his home town) and Rome’, 36 works; until April 29.

Borghese Gallery: 65 mostly Roman marble works looted by Napoleon back from Louvre, including Borghese Vase, the Sleeping Hermaphrodite (as restored by a young Bernini), Cranach’s Three Graces and the Centaur Ridden by Love; until April 9.

ROVERETOMART: Alice In Wonderland; exploration of fantasy author Lewis Carroll’s influence on visual arts; until June 3.

ROVIGOPalazzo Roverella: Divisionism; until June 24.

VENICEMuseo Correr: Gustav Klimt in the Sign of Hoffmann and the Secession; until July 18.

Punto della Dogana, Francois Pinault Foundation: ‘Praise of Doubt’, 60 works by 20 contemporary giants including Maurizio Cattelan, Jeff Koons, Jeff Bauman, Adel Abdessemed, Marcel Broodthaers, Dan Flavin, Thomas Schutte and Charles Ray; until December 31.

VERONAPalazzo della Gran Guardia: Great Veronese 18th-century painting; 150 works including Tiepolo, Bellotto, Rotari, Cignaroli; until April 9.

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